Hickory Grove Missionary Baptist Church
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Church History

The Hickory Grove Community conducted meetings in private homes until the membership became too large to be accommodated in private homes. Anthony Branham donated a half-acre of land, and a log church was erected on the site. Since the community was multi-faith, worship services was divided so that each denominations held their services on a different Sunday of the month. The Church of Christ held their services on The first Sunday, Presbyterians on the second Sunday, Baptist on the third Sunday and the Methodist held their survices on the fourth Sunday. Even though the services were divided by different denominations, the  relationship between the denominations was such, that most members regardless of their denomination were present for all services.  

In 1903 the Baptist denomination purchased a plot of land for $70.00. The Church was erected in 1904, with the help of many generous people in the community. Throughout the years Hickory Grove Missionary Baptist Church has had many devoted Pastors. Our present pastor, Rev. Thomas O Staten has been our Servant Pastor since 2010. A church is not judged by its size but by its Spirit. It is not measured by wealth but by the Willingness to do the Will of God, therefore in that sense we claim to be a great church, as we contnue to worship in Spirit and truth.

Hickory Grove Missionary Baptist Church